Philips Unveils Evnia Gaming Monitor Line

Evnia is the newest line of gaming monitors from Philips that seeks to reinvent the rules by bringing a fresh, premium, and elegant line of devices.

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The Axgon Roadshow 2022 showcased Axgon’s offerings to the Pinoy market and allowed gamers to try it out at their Gilmore, Q.C. venue.

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Axgon Philippines Enters The Gaming Peripherals Market With New Offerings

Pronounced “aks-gaan”, Axgon Philippines has released its initial products for the PH gaming peripherals market.

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KontrolFreek Next-Gen Performance Thumbsticks Now Available in the PH

The new KonrtrolFreek 4-Prong Thumbsticks are engineered for intense gameplay and elite performance.

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AOC Celebrates Top Sales By Hosting AGON Valorant Cup

AOC is riding high as the top PC monitor provider in the Philippines, and leverages its success through the AGON Valorant Cup esports tournament.

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The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available in the PH

The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available! Is it the wireless peripheral for you?

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ROG Electro Punk Gaming Gear Now Available

The pink and black themed gaming peripherals from ASUS ROG give a real edgy pop to your gaming setup.

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DAILY DRIVEN | Rapoo VPro VT200s Gaming Mouse

Sleek, comfortable, and straightforward, the Rapoo VPro VT200s is a no-frills gaming mouse that won’t break the bank.

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Sony Releases New Controller Colorways And Wireless Headset
The Sony Ps4 is at the point of its lifespan that there’s really nothing more for it to prove. It’s by far the most beloved console (in the Philippines, at least) and it has a library of games for any kind of hardcore player. Hell, it even has opened... Read more
Rapoo V Has New Gaming Peripherals All Under P2,000
Aesthetics aside, the reason why people are so into gaming peripherals is because of the performance they provide. To be a true “gaming” peripheral, your mouse, keyboard, and headset need to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. Mice and keyboards need to be clicked and typed on... Read more