Not just Phones anymore, MyPhone is now a Multimedia Company

MyPhone made a move to become more than just phone manufacturers, they are now a multimedia company. During a media event last November 7, they revealed their new apps and services, as well as upcoming phone models.

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The My36 comes with great features and looks at a pricepoint that can competes with the other brands. We take the phone out of the box and offer our first impressions.

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MyPhone goes digital television on your mobile phones

MyPhone’s newest line of devices bring the digital TV experience to you no matter where you are. Never miss your favorite TV shows because of traffic ever again!

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DAILY DRIVEN | MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite
Different people have different needs when it comes to smartphones. We’ve been using the MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite for a while to see if it holds up as a handset that can travel with you. Read more
FIRST IMPRESSIONS | MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite
Last year, local smart devices maker MyPhone released the Infinity and with it, a new line of smartphones. Now, we have the Infinity 2 Lite at the HQ, which means it’s play time! Read more
MyPhone holds big 3-day Warehouse Sale this weekend
If you’ve wanted to try out any of MyPhone’s latest smartphone and tablet offerings, here’s your chance to also own one at discounted prices. Read more