Nintendo partners with DeNA to create mobile games
Bye bye, mobile emulators! Nintendo will be making games for your smartphone! Read more
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD goes ahead with March release date with a FFXV demo
Fans of the PSP version will finally be able to check out Ace and other favorite characters in high definition, as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gets the green light for its March release. Read more
Batman: Arkham Knight gets new trailer
Rocksteady’s latest Batman game is gearing up for its June 2 release date with a new trailer, and a new content rating. Read more
Philippine Ragnarok Online servers to close by March 2015
Back in 2003, a Korean online game was released in the Philippines. It’s name was Ragnarok Online and it instantly became a hit, and changed the local gaming landscape forever. But all good things must come to an end, as Level Up! Games broke the sad news that local... Read more
Bloodborne is up for pre-order with special edition variants
The Sony-exclusive game is coming soon to a PS4 near you. If that’s not enough, fans can pre-order variants of the game with a limited edition sword-hammer replica! Read more
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion: what we know so far
ArenaNet has released information on the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Here’s what we know so far for Heart of Thorns. Read more
Heroes of the Storm enters Closed Beta + Giveaway
Blizzard’s new game has finally entered the next step in its development, we check out what’s new and how you can get in on the action! EDIT: We have our winners! Read more
Level Up! presents first mobile game: For The Tribe!
If you’re looking for a new game to play on your smartphone and tablet, look no further than this first-ever mobile game app from Level Up! Read more
Play one of the up-and-coming MOBAs in the country and stand a chance to win cash prizes daily, weekly, and monthly! It’s time for the Strife Brawl! Level Up! is taking things to the next level with the Strife Brawl, a series of daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments happening... Read more
DECK TECH | Razor’s Math Warrior
From the guy that brought you the OTK Warrior so many months ago in Beta, BadRazor returns with a reworked deck using the same concept. Read more