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The pint-sized pyromaniac bomber Klee can output a lot of damage, but needs a bit of support! Check out the full guide to playing... Genshin Guide | Klee

Klee is a 5 star pyro catalyst user in Genshin Impact. She had her own limited banner together with Sucrose, Noelle, and Xingqui.

Klee: Overview

Klee is a DPS carry, able to output insane amounts of pyro damage from her bombs. What she lacks in attack speed, she makes up for in damage and the ability to proc pyro, making powerful elemental reactions possible. Unlike Yoimiya or Hu Tao, Klee is not strictly a single target DPS. She can easily mix her charged attacks into her attack chain for AoE damage.


Her normal attack chain consists of three bombs that will auto-target the nearest enemy. Her charged attack deals pyro damage in a small area. When getting the most out of her attacks, experienced players will either do the walk cancel animation or the jump cancel animation depending on the situation. Since her attacks are projectiles in nature, there is a certain range that she can accurately target. Keep slightly outside of melee range to ensure all attacks hit enemies.

The walk cancel animation attack allows her to spam her first normal attack at a much faster speed. To do this, simply tap the forward key as soon as a bomb leaves her hand. This is good to use when an enemy is stunned or knocked down as you are safe from attacks.

The jump cancel animation attack combo starts right after the second bomb appears in her hand. Right after the start of the second normal attack, jump in the direction you want. You’ll know when you’ve executed this move properly when the second normal attack faces the direction of your first normal attack. This is used to reposition without sacrificing DPS, especially when you know an enemy attack is coming. 

Her Elemental Skill deploys Jumpy Dumpty, a delayed bomb that bounces three times before exploding, scattering eight mines. Each bounce of Jumpy Dumpty deals pyro damage to all enemies it hits, debuffs them with pyro, and staggers. All mines will explode for AoE pyro damage after a short time if no enemy triggers them.

Her Elemental Burst summons four Sparks ‘n Splash, dealing a large amount of AoE pyro damage to enemies surrounding Klee. This happens five times during the duration of the Burst.

Her first passive Talent allows her the chance to gain an Explosive Spark when she does her Skill or normal attacks. Doing a charged attack consumes a Spark, adding 50% more damage and having the charge attack cost zero Stamina.

Her second passive Talent gives two elemental energy to all party members every time she scores a critical hit on a target.


Klee’s Builds

By going all-out in damage, her attacks are magnified and she becomes a very dangerous character on the field.  

Weapon: Lost Prayer/Widsith/Solar Pearl/Mappa Mare

4pc Crimson Witch OR 4pc Lavawalker OR 2pc Crimson Witch + 2pc Gladiator
ATK hourglass
PYRO DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

The DPS build for Klee is pretty straightforward. Start with 2pc Crimson Witch of Flames and 2pc Gladiator sets prioritizing Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Attack %, and Elemental Mastery. As you get more Artifacts, you can transition into 4pc Crimson Witch or 4pc Lavawalker to further increase her damage output when creating elemental reactions. Note that 2pc Lavawalker is not really advisable for her to use because that only gives Elemental Resistance and does not contribute to damage output.

If Klee is your secondary DPS, the same build applies. She is all about maximizing her damage, which means having to use her Skill and a long-duration Burst. This means she’ll want to share a good amount of field time with your main DPS.

Team Compositions


Mona is a good DPS burst character for Klee. Because Vaporize can score critical hits, Klee is a good source of pyro to combo off Mona’s hydro Burst. In some cases, having Mona apply hydro status and her Omen damage buff before swapping to Klee and triggering Vaporize with pyro also results in big burst damage values.

Fischl is also a good support for Klee. Oz is a good source of electro and will help to consistently trigger Overloaded with Klee. Since Oz is stationary, you can use the jump cancel attack animation around him to keep enemies taking damage from Overloaded.

Sucrose is a good pair for Klee as well, even better than Venti. In addition to Sucrose buffing Klee’s Elemental Mastery, she also is able to gather Klee’s mines with her Skill and Burst, allowing them to do maximum AoE damage to gathered enemies. Unfortunately, Venti’s Skill and Burst cannot do that.


Xingqui is also a good support for Klee. Since his Burst ability lands after Klee’s normal attack detonates, a Xingqui built with a substat focus on Elemental Mastery will be able to consistently proc Vaporize in smaller bursts. It might not be as huge as a Mona-fueled Vaporize, but the damage from Klee’s bombs plus Xingqui’s Rainswords, and Vaproize will make quick work of big targets.

Diona is also a great addition to a Klee-carried team. Her Skill grants Klee a much-needed shield to be able to tank a few hits from enemies while she does the damage. Diona’s Burst provides healing through the AoE cryo field, debuffing enemies with her element in the process. This allows Klee to proc Melt on enemies. Together with Xingqui’s burst, Klee will effectively deal Melt damage, then Shatter through a Frozen enemy thanks to cryo and hydro working together.

Of course, Bennett is a welcome addition to Klee’s team. Aside from a damage buff and healing, Bennett can provide pyro resonance for her, increasing her already impressive damage by 25% in addition to all the other buffs provided by your whole team in rotation.


Klee is a pyro DPS character that is able to do mild crowd control amidst high pyro damage with her Skill and Burst. Her attack combo may need a bit of getting used to, but once mastered, her damage output is very strong and very consistent. She is great for players who want high damage and dynamic playstyles, with quick swapping options for Elemental Reactions.

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