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Razor is a familiar 4star character in Genshin Impact. He's a solid main DPS and can go toe to toe with the rest of... Genshin Guide | Razor

Razor is a 4 star electro greatsword character in Genshin Impact. Available since the start of the global release, Razor is also part of the Zhongli banner event as one of the rate up 4 stars along with Xinyan and Chongyun, and the Venti re-run banner together with Noelle and Sucrose.

Overview: Razor

Razor is a DPS character, and frequently the carry of the team. Depending on what artifacts you give him, Razor can be built as a straight-up physical damage carry or a hybrid electro-physical DPS. No matter how you build him though, his kit demands him to stay on the field for as long as possible in order to maximize his damage output. Like Diluc, there’s not really a support Razor option, as his skills are all built for damage.


Razor’s normal attacks hit hard thanks to him having a greatsword. The same can be said for his charged attacks as well. His attack rotation is pretty straightforward and you can cancel his string of attacks anytime by dashing. Sticking to his normal attack rotation will yield higher damage output versus using his charged attacks.

His Elemental Skill Claw and Thunder has two variants. By pressing the button, Razor will swing in front of him in a cone, dealing electro damage. Enemies hit with this attack will grant him an electro sigil which increases his energy recharge rate and he can have a maximum of three sigils active.

Holding down the button will have Razor deal electro damage in a small area. While the hold ability will open him up to damage, the attack deals a massive amount of electro damage in return. If Razor is holding sigils, they will be cleared and each sigil cleared will give Razor energy.


His Elemental Burst skill summons a wolf spirit that will deal electro damage as often as Razor swings his greatsword. While under the effect of the Burst, he will gain increased attack speed as well as electro resistance. If he has any electro sigils, they will be cleared and each sigil will grant energy. In his Burst form, his charged attacks are disabled but he gains increased resistance to getting interrupted or staggered. He will also be immune to the effects of electro-charged damage.

Razor’s Builds

Razor is a fairly simple character to build even for free-to-play players. Damage is the key to his kit so equipping him with the best greatsword you have will see a lot of numbers beyond 1,000 float around – for non-critical hits.

That said, he can be built with boosting physical damage. For free-to-play players, this is the most straightforward build Razor can have.

Weapon: Prototype Aminus/Serpent’s Spine/Snow-Tombed Starsilver
4pc Gladiator
ATK hourglass
PHYS DMG goblet
ATK/CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

Your best four pieces of Gladiator give wolf boy a straight up damage boost, ensuring your white damage (physical damage) numbers are consistently high. Paired with the Prototype Aminus or the Serpent’s Spine Battle Pass weapons, it’s not going to be surprising for you to see 6,000 damage on a critical hit while doing your normal attack chain. The Serpent’s Spine will be a straight upgrade from the Aminus thanks to its CRIT RATE substat, but if you’re not good at dodging attacks, then its ability will do you more harm than good.

The Dragonspine-exclusive craftable greatsword Snow-Tombed Starsilver is a great weapon as well. The physical damage substat will greatly boost his output and the ability helps out with increasing damage sources and can quickly dispose of enemies.

Ideally, you’d want to have Wolf’s Gravestone as your weapon of choice for him. The high base attack of this 5 star weapon coupled by its 20% increase in attack will boost your base attack number, allowing your skills a bigger value to multiply from.

As an alternative, you can build a hybrid electro damage set for wolf boy. By combining Gladiator with Thundering Fury and an electro damage bonus goblet, you can increase Razor’s elemental damage output, something to keep in mind when you have unlocked his constellations.

Weapon: Skyward Pride/Prototype Aminus/Serpent’s Spine
2pc Gladiator/2pc Thundering Fury
ATK hourglass
ATK/CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

The Skyward Pride is a good weapon for this setup. Not only does it have a higher base attack stat than Wolf’s Gravestone, it has Energy Recharge as a substat, allowing him to charge his Skill and Burst faster and more consistently.

Team Compositions

Because he is a selfish type of DPS – he wants to be on the field as often as possible – you want to have his supports be able to contribute in the fight even if they are not physically present.


Xingqui is a great complement to Razor. His Skill will give a persistent damage reduction shield on Razor, while making enemies wet, making the electro-charged elemental reaction easy to pull off. Xingqui’s Burst fires off high damage water swords at a target triggered by normal attacks, which Razor wants to do all the time, especially under the influence of his own Elemental Burst.

Diona is another great teammate for Razor as she gives a shield as well. She also helps proc Superconduct, a great elemental reaction to a physical damage dealer like Razor. Her Burst ability gives healing as well as additional instances to proc Superconduct.

Bennet is a no-brainer support for Razor as well. His pyro field Burst ability gives Razor the opportunity to create Overloaded to increase your killing speed while offering healing as well.


Perhaps the overlooked support for Razor is Chongyun. His Elemental Skill does turn Razor’s physical attacks into cryo attacks and increases attack speed, but when paired with his Burst, each attack becomes a Superconduct attack, allowing you to debuff your enemies. When the cryo ability runs out and Razor’s attacks become physical-based again, the Superconduct debuff will stay for a few more seconds, allowing you to seamlessly beat targets down with increased damage. This pairing is very effective in Spiral Abyss Floor 11.

Finally, Anemo characters like Anemo Traveler, Jean, Sucrose, and especially Venti are very helpful to Razor because of their ability to gather mobs of enemies together. Because of this, he is able to hit more enemies than he normally would if they were not grouped together, and allow elemental reactions like Superconduct and Electro-charged to deal high amounts of damage.


Razor is a straightforward DPS carry character which can be built easily when it comes to artifacts and his team composition. Pairing him with characters that deal damage even when off the field is helpful to his kit and his role in dealing increased amounts of damage. His 4 star status makes him very accessible even for free to play players and constellation investment is not needed to make him succeed in his role.

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