PROMO | Get Exclusive Deals on RAPOO Gaming Mice

Check out Rapoo’s newest line of gaming mice and score great discounts and extra merch during their promo period!

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Spin And Win With Rapoo’s Wheel of SurPrize

Until November 15, you can spin your way to great prizes with the Wheel of SurPrize promo from Rapoo!

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Our Top Lazada 9.9 Sale Picks

It’s sale time again and here are our picks for the Lazada 9.9 Sale focusing on products to help your work from home setup and general needs!

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DAILY DRIVEN | Rapoo VPro VT200s Gaming Mouse

Sleek, comfortable, and straightforward, the Rapoo VPro VT200s is a no-frills gaming mouse that won’t break the bank.

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People are picky when it comes to peripherals. For mice in general, have been tricky; there are so many shapes, and different brands have different interpretations on more popular form factors. Rapoo has built a reputation for solid productivity mice – in both features and form factor – and... Read more
Rapoo V Has New Gaming Peripherals All Under P2,000
Aesthetics aside, the reason why people are so into gaming peripherals is because of the performance they provide. To be a true “gaming” peripheral, your mouse, keyboard, and headset need to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. Mice and keyboards need to be clicked and typed on... Read more
DAILY DRIVEN | The Rapoo V500Pro
I’m very picky with keyboards, especially ones of the mechanical make. I’ve tried a few different switches over the years and through a combination of research and trial and error, I’ve settled on my personal preference. That said, it’s pretty obvious that not all mechanical keyboards are built the... Read more
Rapoo Releases New Gaming Peripherals
Peripherals manufacturer Rapoo has released their new line of gaming peripherals aimed at a very specific market: consumers who want the best in their mice, keyboards, and headsets but without a heavy cost that usually accompany anything tagged as “gaming”. Their latest line of peripherals boast multiple accolades from... Read more
Rapoo’s VPRO line offers affordable gaming gear

Gaming on a budget? Never fear, because Rapoo’s VPRO line offers high-quality products that meet gamer demands at very appealing prices.

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DAILY DRIVEN | Rapoo 7200P Wireless Optical Mouse
One of China’s more popular brand of wireless peripherals continues to offer affordable and high-quality products for the casual techie.We’ve tinkered around with their Bluetooth keyboard before. Now, we check out their 7200P mouse! Read more