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DAILY DRIVEN | Xiaomi Mi4i
For this review, we have a special contributor! Matt’s girlfriend Lhen takes the Xiaomi Mi4i for a spin and gives us her thoughts. Is the Mi4i a keep or a pass? Read more
FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Braven Balance Bluetooth Speakers
Living in cramped spaces should not compromise your ability to appreciate music, hence the strong foothold Bluetooth speakers have enjoyed since their inception. Aside from being able to enjoy great sounds in your apartment, Bluetooth speakers are also portable to carry with you wherever. For this installment of First... Read more
Last Monday, Xiaomi Unveiled Mi4i to the public and they will be releasing units for sale via Lazada and offline shops around Metro Manila. Read more
DAILY DRIVEN | Boompods Bluetooth Headpods
It’s not everyday a pair of Bluetooth headphones comes out in the market and in our hands. Our resident gadget reviewer checks out the Boompods Headpods to see if it can compete in a saturated market and bring the boom on. Read more
DAILY DRIVEN | Xiaomi RedMi 2
If you’ve always wanted a no-nonsense phone that can take the bangs and dings of everyday use but still perform beyond its hardware, then you may want to consider the Xiaomi RedMi 2. Resident gadget reviewer Matt takes the little phone (and the bunny) out for a spin! Read more
Last month, the Xiaomi RedMi 2 was released via Lazada. Is the successor to the well-received RedMi 1S able to live up to the expectations of users? Before diving into the phone, we check out what’s inside the box! Read more
Our first-time mechanical keyboard user takes the Corsair K70 RGB for a spin and discovers himself through the comforting sound of clacking keys. It sounds like a bad tech movie and thankfully it’s not. We, however, unbox and review the K70 in this installment of DAILY DRIVEN. Read more
FIRST IMPRESSIONS | RavPower FileHub unboxing
We just got the RavPower FileHub and it really is an all-in-one device. What’s inside the box? How many ports does it have? Check out our first impressions below. Read more
DAILY DRIVEN | MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite
Different people have different needs when it comes to smartphones. We’ve been using the MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite for a while to see if it holds up as a handset that can travel with you. Read more
FIRST IMPRESSIONS | MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite
Last year, local smart devices maker MyPhone released the Infinity and with it, a new line of smartphones. Now, we have the Infinity 2 Lite at the HQ, which means it’s play time! Read more