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Everything changes as Cartoon Network teases fourth Powerpuff Girl

The all-girl crime-fighting trio will soon become a quartet, as Cartoon Network teases a fourth Powerpuff Girl!

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Giordano Celebrates Voltes V’s 40th Anniversary With New Collection

New designs from Giordano’s Voltes V collection celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary and lasting legacy.

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APCC 2017 Day 3 | The Best Of

Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 is undoubtedly the biggest geek convention in the country! Here are the highlights!

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APCC 2017 Day 2 | In And Around Hall N

Hall N is a must-see booth at APCC 2017! It’s in our shortlist for best booth!

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APCC 2017 | 5 things you may not know about Gaku Space, Genji’s Voice Actor
This year’s AsiaPOP Comic Con is a treat for fans of Overwatch, as it’s the first ever convention where a voice actor from Overwatch is a guest. And that actor is none other than Gaku Space, the voice of everyone’s favorite (or least favorite if you’re that salty) cyborg... Read more
APCC 2017 DAY 1 | What To Expect

Here are the cool things to see at this year’s Asia Pop Comic Con 2017!

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APCC 2017 | A quick interview with cosplayer Haiden Hazard

We got to interview cosplayer Haiden Hazard ahead of the AsiaPOP Comic Con 2017, and she shared her stories of cosplaying and more!

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Get ready: Tyler Hoechlin, Ray Fisher, and Gaku Space are going to APCC 2017

Get ready for Tyler Hoechlin, Ray Fisher, and Gaku Space as they join the superstar cast of talents that will be invading Manila for APCC 2017!

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PROMO | Win A Free Trip To Universal Studios Japan For 2 With M&M’s Screenbite Awards

Turn your love of movies and snacking into a chance to win a trip for two to Universal Studios Japan with the M&M’S Screenbite Awards 2017!

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Cartoon Network Wants to Teach Coding To Kids

Cartoon Network and SparkleLAB launched a program that aims to teach kids the basics of coding to encourage creativity, production, and imagination.

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